Lotrimin Ultra® Jock Itch Cream

Prescription strength to cure most jock itch.


Provides soothing itchy skin relief:

  • Treat the discomfort of itchy skin on the groin and inner thighs with Lotrimin Ultra® Jock Itch Cream.

Proven to cure most jock itch:

  • Clinically proven to cure most jock itch infections, Lotrimin Ultra® Jock Itch Cream kills the fungus that causes tinea cruris, commonly known as jock itch.

Prescription-strength formula: 

  • Lotrimin Ultra® Jock Itch Cream contains prescription-strength butenafine hydrochloride to help kill the fungus that causes jock itch in your groin area.

Safe for kids over 12 when used as directed

Ideal for men and women:

  • Many people assume that only men get jock itch, but women are also prone to fungal infections on their crotch skin.

Provides Effective Relief from

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